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Perfect autumn news for shake-n-dust smokers from MadBudz shop – two new shake products you will definitely like. Happy rolling with Six Flavors Mix Shake and Three Flavors Mix Shake.

All the tasty and smelly buds come along with perfect shake, an ideal ammunition for joints and everyday light smoking. We have prepared two new products for shake smokers, made from mixing different strain shake together and finding an ideal combination of flavor and potency:

  • Three Flavors Mix Shake –  This is combination of three different weed strain shakes together that’s why flavor can vary depending on weed shake used during mix preparation, potency is relatively medium. Price starting from £35 per 7 g.
  • Six Flavors Mix Shake – Top notch combination of six different weed strain shakes together. Only premium quality weed shake is used for mix preparation, potency is measured from medium to high. Price starting from £39 per 7 g.

Please enjoy our new strains and leave reviews and comments regarding our products!