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The combination of high-quality cannabis extract and natural flavor makes Gummy Bears an excellent option for those looking for a tasty way to consume THC discreetly. Each gummy bear contains 100 mg of THC.

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THC gummy bears just seem to be a great way to discreetly enjoy THC without the lingering odor of marijuana smoke, without the possibility of alerting others to what is being consumed. This Gummy Bears are a super effective mood booster. Eating a piece fills your spirit with euphoria and optimism while your whole body relaxes. These gummies reduce stress and pain, bringing calmness. They are like doses of peace you can carry everywhere. Each gummy bear contains 100 mg of THC. We do recommend to start with half of bear & wait an hour and a bit. Than dose cautiously as these gummies taste amazing.
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5 reviews for Gummy Bears 100MG
  1. snowv (verified owner)

    These gummies are amazing! I enjoyed them a lot and even a half or quarter of the gummies can get you euphoric. Definitely recommend. Super fast next day delivery, perfect post & packaging 10/10. V happy with the product. Will order again. Great Service.

  2. peeves h (verified owner)

    Discreet oderless packaging, tasted fine, got more than I paid for because of late delivery and was given Star Wars shapes! Made up as a first time buyer and the customer service on Telegram are amazing.These aren’t super strong but give a nice chill for 30 ish minutes to relax and then have normal energy afterwards if you still need to get stuff done x

  3. Connie lingus (verified owner)

    Fast and discreet shipping
    Got alot more than what i paid for ❤️
    Got star wars shapes but had the wing off the ship and only found out after a hour id maybe had 2 doses 😂 amazing full body high

  4. snowv (verified owner)

    amazing stuff always order thiss

  5. biffboi (verified owner)

    I actually got to try the new delta-9 thc distilate sweets as these were sold out. And they were strong. Had 2 straight away and they kicked in within about 30mins. Lovley strong head. Nice and clean. Top marks on this guys.

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