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The combination of high-quality cannabis extract and natural flavor makes Gummy Bears an excellent option for those looking for a tasty way to consume THC discreetly. Each gummy bear contains 50 mg of THC.

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THC gummy bears just seem to be a great way to discreetly enjoy THC without the lingering odor of marijuana smoke, without the possibility of alerting others to what is being consumed. This Gummy Bears are a super effective mood booster. Eating a piece fills your spirit with euphoria and optimism while your whole body relaxes. These gummies reduce stress and pain, bringing calmness. They are like doses of peace you can carry everywhere. Each gummy bear contains 50 mg of THC. Remember that gummies taste better and kick harder when you share them!

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3 reviews for Gummy Bears 50MG
  1. Durban P (verified owner)

    Yummy little treats! Great service

  2. jad2001 (verified owner)

    Tried one of them last night had a nice sweet subtle taste will buy again in the future

  3. jad2001 (verified owner)

    Order again but a 20 pack this time they came really quick just 3 or 4 days after I ordered really happy with them and thanks for the team at madbudz for leaving an additional 4 more sweets. Always a nice surprise! 👍

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